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  • Two Self-Marketing Mistakes January 03, 2008

    by Shaun Crowley There are two common misperceptions surrounding self-marketing that often trip up small business owners and freelancers. The first is the perception that 'word-of-mouth' is part of the self-marketing mix, and the second is that self-promotion is best...Read More »

  • New Upgrade Pains - Need WordPress Help! January 02, 2008

    Hey Folks - I apologize for the link, connect, and otherwise widespread confusion on graphic:DESIGN:basics today. I upgraded to WordPress 2.3.2, which is said to fix some security issues. However, that version created more problems on this site than I...Read More »

  • Have a Dog-gone Safe and Happy New Year! December 27, 2007

    See you in 2008! Party Dog is visiting from some strange place....Read More »

  • Climate Cartoons Seeks Animators December 20, 2007

    Climate Cartoons is looking for short, creative, humorous, inspiring films that motivate people to change their lives in small ways and encourage people to "Do Something" to help fight global warming … These "Do Something" short films are distributed without...Read More »

  • REINDEER, not RAIN, DEAR (a design conundrum) December 20, 2007

    It's difficult to see Booger's eyes in the image at left, but he appears downright sad. It's as though his last shred of respect for humanity has disappeared along with the polar ice caps. But, it is that time of...Read More »

  • 2008 Urban Film Series Call for Entries December 18, 2007

    Next Generation Awareness Foundation ("NGAF") seeks notable films and participants for its 2008 Urban Film Series programs. Urban Film Series is comprised of several highly-acclaimed film-related programs that enhance awareness and provide exposure of the arts, independent cinema, media, and...Read More »

  • Oh, It's Twenty Days to Christmas... December 06, 2007

    And I'm ready for summer. No huge news here this week, other than the fact that I'm somewhat intimidated by small women who drive monster trucks and who try to park those trucks front-end-forward in parking lots barely large enough...Read More »

  • Sugar Does Arkansas, Electrolux Winner Announced November 29, 2007

    Oh, Sugar had a rough day last week during Black Friday. But, she made out with a bone and a prayer. Seriously, Sugar lost her eye and a whole litter of pups before she was rescued from under a bridge...Read More »

  • ASLA Call for Entries November 29, 2007

    The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) released the call for entries for its 2008 professional and student awards program. The awards honor the best in landscape architecture from around the globe, and will be presented at the ASLA Annual...Read More »

  • Istanbul, Turkey, and Have a Great Weekend November 20, 2007

    Hey folks - here's another view of a turkey for your Thanksgiving holiday. Actually, it's Istanbul, Turkey. I enjoy this holiday weekend as it allows me to catch up on overdue work while everyone's out stuffing their faces....Read More »