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  • Brick and Mortar College Or Online College? It's Your Move August 14, 2009

    Brick and mortar colleges, otherwise known as traditional universities and college campuses, serve a real need for those who want to work towards a degree and further their education. Online colleges serve this same purpose. Each learning venue offers a...Read More »

  • How To Get More Career Training: Try Out For An Internship August 07, 2009

    What Does The Future Hold? Getting a job is probably more difficult in today's economic atmosphere than it was several years ago. If you are a student at a graphic design college or graphic design school, you have probably pondered...Read More »

  • Graphic Design Education at A Community College July 20, 2009

    Community colleges are sometimes thought of as the forgotten stepchild of higher education. As a result, these excellent institutions of knowledge may be overlooked. For individuals who want an education through a graphics arts college or graphic arts school, community...Read More »

  • Photoshop World Conference & Expo 2009 July 13, 2009

    Are you are a Photoshop enthusiast? Are you a graphic artist who wants to expand your knowledge in using this popular graphics program? ....Read More »

  • How To Select a Good Graphic Design College July 06, 2009

    You have given a lot of thought to the direction of your college education, and decide that you want to enter the field of graphic design. . You immediately realize that there are literally hundreds of colleges to choose from,...Read More »

  • Is Online Education Right For You? July 01, 2009

    If you are planning to earn your bachelor's or master's degree at one of the many graphic design schools or graphic design colleges available, you are probably considering a traditional higher learning institution such as a college or university. These...Read More »

  • Successful Portfolio Tips June 03, 2009

    He Almost Got The Job...Almost Bradley arrives at a company for a graphic design job interview. He looks forward to the event. He has a good resume and is eager to learn....Read More »

  • How To Get Federal Financial Aid For College Education May 29, 2009

    If you are planning to attend a university or online college for your career training in liberal arts, you may qualify for federal loans to help with education expenses through Federal Student Aid. What Is Federal Student Aid? Federal Student...Read More »

  • The Secret of Effective People Skills May 22, 2009

    You have the talent. You have the education. Getting your first job or freelance assignment is exciting, indeed....Read More »

  • Catch 22--No Experience, No Job. Not Necessarily May 15, 2009

    You Can Have the Job If... There is a story about a recent college graduate who arrives at a large firm for a job interview. After filling out the required forms, he is directed to see the human resources person...Read More »