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  • The Bare Bones November 01, 2006

    John Holt, 38, is a self-taught metal bender who, 10 years ago, designed and built suits of armor that were sold at Sotheby's auction house in New York City. He also makes custom metal parts, including weights for tractors and...Read More »

  • Portfolio Exposure on Search Engines October 27, 2006

    by Shaun Crowley You’ve set up your online portfolio. Now you can direct potential clients to your website when you contact them. But wouldn’t it be great if new clients contacted you?...Read More »

  • Designing Type June 26, 2006

    Ok, you slugged it through design school where you learned about typefaces like serif, sans serif, ornamental…the works. While you know the difference between Bauhaus and Arial, you still don’t know how to design a typeface. Designing Type can rescue...Read More »

  • Arabic for Designers June 17, 2006

    A report released on 6 June by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute finds that at a time of rapid globalization, most U.S. states don’t even try to provide young Americans with a solid grounding in world history....Read More »