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Glendale Community College is located in the heart of Glendale, Arizona, about nine miles northwest from downtown Phoenix. Several one-of-a-kind museums call Glendale home. The Bead Museum presents the global history of beads, including beads used as talismans or currency and their importance as religious and social symbols. Max's Sports Bar Museum displays the largest collection of football helmets in the nation in addition to ranking as one of the top five sports bars in the country according to USA Today. The city is also home to the annual Gibson Glendale Jazz and Blues Festival, held every April.

Glendale is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, a division of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The GCC 147-acre main campus located in the middle of the city features palm-lined walkways, flowering courtyards and conversation areas where students can relax, study or socialize. GCC has played a significant role in the development of the surrounding communities since its dedication in 1965, growing to meet the area's needs with the opening of the GCC North campus in 2000. GCC North offers students classrooms, study areas and student support services in a 75-acre desert location at the base of Ludden Mountain in north Glendale.

GCC's department of computer applications offers a certificate of completion program in Web design for those interested in designing and maintaining Web pages for personal or small business use. The program is designed to be completed within one year. Required courses include computer graphics, Internet and Web development, JavaScript or Web scripting, and e-commerce. Students may instead choose the slightly more involved Web developer certificate program. In addition to Web page development, this certificate prepares software developers to manage and develop corporate Web systems using interactive applications. Required courses are the same as for the design certificate, with the addition of courses in database management, application development, and either a special projects course or an internship.

GCC's department of computer graphic design and multimedia offers 2-year AAS degree programs in both graphic and multimedia design, plus a certificate program in graphic design that may be completed in as little as one year. Both AAS degree programs require completion of the general education core requirements. The graphic design degree requires coursework including an introduction to computer graphic art, two-dimensional design, graphic design, computer animation, Web site design, multipresentation graphics, and digital prepress. Graphics software including QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop are studied as well. Students must also complete at least one elective course from a restricted list that includes history of graphic design, color, photography, and three-dimensional modeling for animation. Completion of a computer graphic design internship is also required prior to graduation. The graphic design certificate program eliminates the need to complete general education courses. Much of the required coursework mirrors that of the degree program, with additional courses including an introduction to human communication and electronic color principles.

The AAS degree in multimedia includes required courses in computer graphic art, electronic color principles, the designer's tools series, computer animation, scriptwriting, and video production. Students then choose a specialization for further study. The digital animation track includes life drawing, drawing and digital paint, three-dimensional modeling for animation, cinematography and directing for animation, and intermedia animation courses, plus either an art workshop and seminar or an internship. The design and interactive imaging track includes courses in two-dimensional design, digital photography, Adobe After Effects, three-dimensional modeling, a special projects course, production for the Web, and Photoshop for multimedia. The Web publishing design track includes two-dimensional design, Macromedia Dreamweaver and Flash, Adobe GoLive, two levels of graphic design, Web site design, Web presentation design, and either an internship or Photoshop for multimedia. The media imaging track includes courses in Macromedia Dreamweaver or Flash, Photoshop for multimedia, Adobe After Effects, intermedia animation, graphics and digital effects for video and media, non-linear editing, advanced video production, and production for the Web. An additional elective course chosen from a restricted list is also required for each track.

The department also offers several certificate programs to be completed within one year. The advanced imaging and animation certificate includes required courses in cinematography and directing for animation, electronic music, production for the Web, and courses in Photoshop for multimedia, Adobe After Effects, and either Adobe InDesign or QuarkXpress. The program also requires additional electives chosen from a restricted list including history of graphic design, Web site design, digital photography, video production, an art workshop, or an internship. The drawing for animation certificate includes required courses in two-dimensional computer design, life drawing, perspective drawing for animation, and cinematography and directing for animation. Additional restricted elective courses chosen from a list including digital photography, multipresentation graphics, introduction to cinema, special projects, and an internship are also required. The Web publishing design foundation certificate includes an introduction to computer graphic art, two-dimensional design, electronic color principles, and several designer's tools software courses. Students also study graphic design, computer animation, and Web site design. The Web publishing design and authoring certificate is the level above the foundation certificate, with additional study of graphic design or multipresentation graphics, intermedia animation, a computer graphic design internship, the art workshop and seminar in graphics and animation, Internet and Web development or World Wide Web and introductory Internet programming, JavaScripting, UNIX or e-commerce, and production for the Web.

GCC offers an interior design program with a one-year certificate in home furnishings and materials. The program is designed to provide the student with a working knowledge of the residential home furnishings industry, including basic design elements and principles, color theory, historical architecture and furniture, fabrics, and other materials used through the home environment. Required courses include an introduction to interior design, historical architecture and furniture, 20th century architecture and furniture, color and design, fabrics for interiors, and interior materials. Elective coursework allows the student to take specific courses that will help them prepare for the particular segment of the industry they are most interested in pursuing. Available restricted electives include commercial floral design, computer graphic art, photography, furniture construction, cabinetmaking, and merchandising.

GCC offers a two-year AAS degree program in video production technology. This program is designed to provide students with marketable skills in video production, providing a detailed understanding of video equipment operation, video terminology, directing and production experience, and professional television studio operation and management. In addition to the college's general education requirements, students in this program complete required courses in microcomputer graphics, video technology, scriptwriting, graphics and digital effects for video and media, video production, studio production, audio for video and media, directing, and electronic news gathering. Students choose additional courses from a list of restricted electives including photography, broadcast production, makeup techniques, multimedia project management, and a video production internship.

For those interested in the field of architecture, GCC provides a department of computer aided drafting and design. The CAD technology two-year AAS degree program gives students the knowledge and hands-on training to develop CAD design skills, plus the core knowledge of drafting standards, mathematics, and engineering technology required to begin or advance a career in computer aided design. The AAS degree program requires completion of general education requirements, plus required core coursework in computer graphic art, computer animation, two- and three-dimensional AutoCAD, design geometry, and strength of materials. Students may then choose the architectural specialization option, requiring additional coursework in architectural software, residential and commercial CAD, building codes, and structural details.

Scholarships are available at GCC for prospective and continuing students. Additional scholarships are granted through local high schools and community organizations. A few of the available GCC scholarships include Doeg M. Nelson Memorial, Dougherty Foundation, GCC Veterans Spirit of National Service, Glendale Art Council, Glendale Community College Assistance, Glendale Community College Merit, Student Leadership Excellence Award, and Welcome to GCC. There are also departmental and program scholarships available for students within a particular field.

GCC offers more than 25 student organizations including the Animation Club, Ceramics Club, the GCC Gaucho Players, The Voice student newspaper, Midnight Metaphors Creative Writers Club, and the Traveler Arts and Literary magazine. The music, theater, and dance departments of GCC offer many programs to the community, including a variety of concerts, two theatrical shows each semester directed by faculty and staff with open auditions, two dance concerts and several workshops each year featuring the GCC student dance companies, and art exhibitions presented by the Associated Student Government with exhibitions from local artists in a variety of media. An exhibition of artwork by the art department faculty is held in the spring semester. The annual Student Art Exhibit offers opportunity to see and share the variety of art media and experiences offered through the art department at GCC.

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