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  • Introduction to a Graphic Design Education May 14, 2010

    School and You If you want to become a graphic designer, a good education serves as the training and proving ground for your professional skills. If you are new to the area of graphic design you may have some questions...Read More »

  • Graphic Design Inspirations April 08, 2010

    And Now for Something Completely Different... The British television show Monty Python's Flying Circus was well known during the 1970s as a program filled with irreverence, humor and dry wit. The series lives on today in various iterations of DVD...Read More »

  • Successful Web Design: It's Like Music April 17, 2009

    Sometimes Less Is More The great composer, Beethoven, is often noted for his rich orchestral compositions. But as gifted and talented as Beethoven was, he understood while every musical instrument was available for use, he didn't have to write parts...Read More »