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  • Interior Design Career January 15, 2010

    What Does the Job of an Interior Designer Encompass? For many years the job of an interior designer had to do with decorating living or business spaces by using the appropriate selection of furnishings, lighting, floor and window treatments, artwork,...Read More »

  • Interior Designers: How To Stay Competitive In Today's Economy June 12, 2009

    Rethinking Remodeling Interior designers face new challenges in today's economy. Potential clients are not only looking for excellence in taste and functionality, they also want their remodeling to be professional, and affordable. Times are changing; interior designers who make adjustments...Read More »

  • Interior Design Awards - Australia October 21, 2007

    At Right: Winner 2007 Award for Excellence & Innovation, Dire Tribe for Dusk Bar. The Interior Design Awards is an annual program developed by the design industry to celebrate and promote outstanding commercial and residential design. Extensive coverage of projects...Read More »

  • Kitchen Design Contest 2008 October 21, 2007

    Sub-Zero Freezer Company, the leading manufacturer of residential refrigeration, and Wolf Appliance Company, a leading manufacturer of professional cooking instruments, announced the official call for entries for the company's 2006/2007 Kitchen Design Contest. This prestigious contest honors design professionals who...Read More »