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  • Top 10 Graphic Design Scools & Colleges in 2012 By Justin Boyle | March 20, 2013

    10 Top Graphic Design Schools & Colleges that rise above the rest prepare students with the industry-leading skills they need to kick-start an exciting career in the world of visual design. ...Read More »

  • 2011 Flyway Film Festival March 17, 2011

    And...action! These are the words you'll hear from a movie director to alert the production crew and actors to start a scene for filming. If you have a video or film you think is of exceptional quality, send in your...Read More »

  • Microsoft's 'Dream.Build.Play' video game design contest March 16, 2011

    Game on! One of the most popular game machines in the world is Microsoft's Xbox 360. Gamers enjoy untold hours of entertainment exploring new worlds, fighting bad guys, and playing casual arcade games....Read More »

  • LIFT International visiting artist residency 2011-2012 March 03, 2011

    Do you need a LIFT? In this case we're not referring to an elevator or a ride in a car. LIFT stands for Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto, the sponsors of the International Visiting Artist Residency....Read More »

  • Things you should know about graphic design schools-part 1 February 24, 2011

    The inside info If you are contemplating or curious about graphic design colleges, you want more information and answers to the questions you have about these educational institutions. In this series we'll explore the 5 things that people want to...Read More »

  • 2011 EDSF scholarship program February 08, 2011

    Get a scholarship for your education The EDSF (Electronic Document Scholarship Foundation) recognizes the need for talented industry professionals in document and image management for businesses, government and public record keeping. If you are a full-time student and majoring in...Read More »

  • Triangle Artists International Residency Program 2011 January 11, 2011

    Free Studio Space in New York City Have you ever dreamed about working in a studio of your very own in a metropolitan setting where you could create, develop, and hone your artistic and design ideas? The Triangle Artist's International...Read More »

  • Graphic designer personalities: What type are you? - Part I December 31, 2010

    The workplace zoo Anyone who has worked as a graphic designer or in a job that requires creativity knows how difficult it can sometimes be when working under tight deadlines. During these times you'll notice how certain individuals, and even...Read More »

  • International SunSat Design Competition December 21, 2010

    Do You Want to Space Out? Are you a part of a university or science community team or a graphic designer that has an eye on the future as far as renewable energy solutions? If you can answer "yes" to...Read More »

  • Graphic Design: For Love or Money? - Part I December 03, 2010

    Why Are You a Graphic Designer? Or the question could also be "Why do you want to be a graphic designer?" Although these questions seem to be somewhat simplistic it is an important step in determining if you have what...Read More »