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  • Cuisinart Culinary Cook-Off Video Contest April 20, 2009

    Cooking shows have been a mainstay of public television for many years. Julia Child blazed the trail for this genre with her wit, charm, and demystification of cooking techniques. In the early 2000s, cooking shows on cable TV such as...Read More »

  • VIEWFest 2009 Digital Movie Festival March 05, 2009

    ITALIANMIX is looking for innovative, creative and inspiring works by Italian filmmakers or by foreign filmmakers but having as their topic Italy or Italian subjects for ITALIANMIX to be included in the VIEWFest 2009 program in Turin and on the...Read More »

  • Hollyshorts Anounces Call for Entries for 5th Annual Film Festival February 24, 2009

    On the heels of the most successful HollyShorts Film Festival to date, which honored acclaimed filmmakers David Lynch and Paul Haggis and showcased short films from stars Josh Brolin, Jessica Biel and David Arquette, the organizers of the event have...Read More »

  • Learn with a Twist Competition February 19, 2009

    If you are I.T. savvy and figured the ins and outs of technology, HP wants you! They are looking for home-made entertaining videos (max....Read More »

  • Weimar's Short Film and Video-Festival February 03, 2009

    The 10-year-anniversary of the short movie and video festival "backup" in June 2008 was a raving success. Now the preparations for the next backup_festival are in full swing. Experienced as well as new students devoted a lot of energy so...Read More »

  • Student Film Class in Africa January 06, 2009

    Learn the art of wildlife filmmaking in South Africa. This intensive one-month course offers lectures by industry professionals, includes a month at a premier game reserve, and each student produces their own unique five-minute short film. The course fee for...Read More »

  • Lulu Castagnette Viral Video Contest December 16, 2008

    LuluCastagnette is known for its baby and children line of clothing but less for its young women 15-25 years old collection. The brand would thus like to reinforce its positioning for this target audience. LuluCastagnette is today a large and...Read More »

  • Matt Harding Made It - And You? December 09, 2008

    Time Magazine released their top ten delights for 2008, and among them were the top ten viral videos for the past year. Matt Harding, a 32-year-old videogame designer who quit his job in 2003 to travel around Asia won the...Read More »

  • Crash the Superb Bowl Ad Contest November 07, 2008

    Think of an idea for a DORITOS brand commercial. Not just any idea, but one worthy of being called the best of the Super Bowl. Maybe it's an action-packed storya bout the first time you tried DORITOS brand Tortilla Chips....Read More »

  • Johnstown PA Film and Wine Festival October 30, 2008

    The Johnstown (PA) Film & Wine Festival announces a call for entries for its fourth annual event, which is set for 8-11 July 2009. The Johnstown Film & Wine Festival is a project of the Greater Johnstown Chamber of Commerce...Read More »

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