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  • Fashion Designer Career Outlook January 08, 2010

    Clothes Make the World Go 'Round You may be wearing a simple t-shirt with a graphic design on the front or you may be wearing the latest fashion produced by Dior but you are making a statement about who you...Read More »

  • 2010 Jem Doll Fashion Design Contest November 09, 2009

    The World of Jem and Fashion If you are attending school to study fashion design, your interest in this interesting field may have started with something as innocent as designing outfits for your favorite Jem dolls. Although the Jem toy...Read More »

  • Fashion Design: Size Really Does Matter April 24, 2009

    A fashion designer's dream is to eventually develop and sell a successful line of apparel. But in order to do this, an accurate pulse on what the public wants is essential. In 2002, fashion designers literally sized themselves out of...Read More »