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  • Unilever Consumer Creative Video Challenge June 10, 2010

    Lights, Camera, Action! You may not have the multimillion-dollar budgets that Spielberg or Bruckheimer have at their disposal for producing movies, but you can create your very own short video commercial for the Unilever Consumer Creative Video Challenge. Make a...Read More »

  • Graphic Design Spotlight: Animation and Animators Part I May 05, 2010

    From Flip Books to a Career For some of us, the earliest memories of being fascinated with the process of animation was when we assembled our first cartoon flip book in elementary school. It was probably a simple attempt to...Read More »

  • Aniboom Animation 4 Sesame Street Contest March 12, 2010

    All Animators Welcome The 4th Annual Aniboom Awards, sponsored by Sesame Street, is an open international competition that offers animators the opportunity to win development deals and cash for their winning entries. What the Contest Wants The sponsors are seeking...Read More »

  • Zeigeist Films Stop-Motion Animation Contest 2010 January 07, 2010

    One Frame at a Time If you are a fan of Wallace and Gromit films or have fond memories of Gumby and Pokey you know that these animations are done in the technique of stop-motion photography. If you are a...Read More »

  • HP You On You Video Project Contest August 03, 2009

    Here's your chance to show the world who you are in one minute or less in Hewlett-Packard's You On You Video Competition. You've seen the "headless" commercials by HP where an individual demonstrates who they are and what HP laptop...Read More »

  • Out Of Hand: Game, App, Short Film, and Animation Contest July 27, 2009

    Calling all graphic arts and design students; there is a contest just for you. The School of Visual Arts and Giraldi are sponsoring the Out of Hand Festival Contest. The Out of Hand Contest wants your ideas for games and...Read More »

  • 3rd International HIV/AIDS Poster and Computer Animation Competition January 01, 2009

    In 2009, the 3rd International Poster and Computer Animation Competition "AntiAIDS-Ukraine" will be held as a competition-satellite of the VII-th International Triennial of Ecological Poster ¬ęThe "4th Block" to be conducted under the aegis of the International Council of National...Read More »

  • London International Animation Festival 2009 December 23, 2008

    London International Animation Festival (LIAF) in association with PooP (Poo Productions) is launching a competition for short animation films, which tackle the serious issues of sanitation and/or hygiene in an edgy, irreverent and humorous way. The winning films will form...Read More »

  • MyToons.com Collaborates with Google for Launch of MyToons Live December 18, 2008

    MyToons.com, the first and only online animation community to offer HD animation, today announced the launch of MyToons Live; MyToons.com's latest collaboration with Google, utilizing the power of Google Earth technology. MyToons.com has built its reputation on connecting animators and...Read More »

  • Design an IkiMobile Mascot for Singapore Ministry of Arts December 14, 2008

    Design a cute adorable mascot (Korean/Japanese style) for Ikimobile, a ringtone website that is supported by Singapore MICA (Ministry of Information, Communication and Arts). It can be simple illustration/ anime/manga style like Yo Yo the adorable monkey, but a monkey...Read More »

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