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  • Graphic design inspiration: Packaging--part 1 March 10, 2011

    Earliest memories Do you remember the excitement you felt as a kid when you finally received the special toy you were hoping for? The packaging probably displayed nice bold colors, fuzzy little animals or bright graphics. The clear blister plastic...Read More »

  • Graphic design mistakes and blunders - Part I February 04, 2011

    Learn from the mistakes Graphic design schools can teach you the proper design principles needed to become a proficient graphic designer, but sometimes mistakes are the defining things that help you to learn what works and what doesn't. In the...Read More »

  • Graphic Design: The Humorous Side of Things: Part I November 12, 2010

    Let's Have Some Fun Designers, artists and those who work in the arts have a good sense of humor; it's an essential trait to have when faced with constant deadlines, pressures, and the high expectations that goes along with these...Read More »

  • Smackdown: Graphic Designers vs Clients - Part I October 18, 2010

    Been There, Done That? A client hires a graphic designer to assemble specific images for a presentation at a large meeting. The contract states that designer will do up to 50 images....Read More »

  • Website Design Goofs and Gaffes - Part I October 05, 2010

    Look and Learn It's hard to imagine what the designers of the following websites were thinking when they created them. Perhaps they were DIYs (do it yourselfers) seeking to save on costs or were unaware about the condition of their...Read More »

  • Graphic Design Schools and Website Design Training September 16, 2010

    Who Needs Website Design Training? The first answer that comes to most people's minds is usually "computer programmers." But if you are a graphic designer and want to make yourself more valuable to your firm or are in the process...Read More »

  • Graphic Design and 3D Street Art - Part I September 10, 2010

    Using Perspective as a Design Tool Students of graphic design colleges learn to enhance or bring their graphics to life by using perspective. Or in other words, making foreground objects bigger than distant objects that eventually end in a vanishing...Read More »

  • Gotcha! Graphic Design Advertising Mistakes - Part I August 13, 2010

    Billions and Billions of Ads Carl Sagan, a renowned astrophysicist, astronomer, author and host of the Public Broadcasting television series Cosmos, was fond of using the catchphrase "Billions [and] billions of stars..." in his distinctive nasal pronunciation. Although there may...Read More »

  • Graphic Design Job Interview Tips and Tricks -- Part I June 18, 2010

    Knowledge and Talent and Skills, Oh My! Showing up to a job interview for a graphic design position is similar to tightrope walking; you have to be balanced if you want to finish successfully. Talent is important, education from a...Read More »

  • Creative Resumes Revisited - Part I April 16, 2010

    Here We Go Again! Last year in November we featured Part One and Part Two of Graphic Design Resumes: Plain or Different? In the series we debated the pros and cons of submitting creative resumes as opposed to standard resumes...Read More »