Graphic designer personalities: What type are you? - Part III

people-standing2The melancholy and choleric personalities
In parts one and two of Graphic Designer Personalities: What Type Are You, we presented the sanguine and phlegmatic personality temperaments.

While Samantha Sanguine is characterized as a bubbly and extremely sociable animal that loves attention and excels in telling stories and enjoying life, Phil Phlegmatic, by contrast, is subdued, even tempered, and non-excitable.

In part three we conclude this series with the choleric and melancholy and we'll see how these personality types behave in their roles of a graphic designer.
Curt Choleric: A study in motion and work ethics
man-working-at-deskIf you have a choleric personality you are driven by being productive, meeting deadlines and possess a "take no prisoners" attitude towards project goals and work.

People who are choleric are typically described by others as natural leaders, highly organized, workaholics, driven, stubborn, bossy, and domineering.

If you are a graphic designer who has a choleric personality, you are known as someone who can always meet closing dates and will work around the clock in order to complete a project.

But at the same time, you are known for being argumentative and impatient with those who cannot keep up with you.

Choleric graphic designers can be great leads in projects because they are motivated to meet their goals at almost any expense. But this is sometimes to the detriment of other coworkers who get in their way.

Some of the personality attributes of cholerics are:

pegs-following-leader21* Strong leadership abilities
* Self righteous
* Highly organized
* Self sufficient
* High work ethics
* Goal oriented
* Direct and blunt
* Bossy
* Impatient
* Strongly opinionated
* Insensitive to others feelings

the-thinker-outdoor-sculptureMeet Matt Melancholy
If there is one trait that describes the melancholy personality best, it would be "thinker." They have a high degree of intellect and will usually be the first to point out the flaws in a design proposal.

Melancholy graphic designers are seen as either realists or pessimists--very talented, serious, logical perfectionists. Mr. Spock of Star Trek could have been the poster child for melancholy personalities.

The melancholy tends to be withdrawn but can fully appreciate the aesthetic qualities in design. They have a deep sense of what it takes to create visually inspired graphics.

Because they are perfectionists, melancholy personality types can get mired in details that they cannot let go of.

Everything they create must be flawless and as a result, work-flow can sometimes suffer.

Melancholy individuals exhibit these personality traits:

spock* Analytical
* Self -sacrificing
* Gifted with talent
* High aesthetic values
* Idealistic
* Perfectionist
* Intellectual
* Low self-esteem
* Pessimistic
* Unrealistically high standards
* Withdrawn
* Inflexible
* Cynical

Now What?
After investigating the four personality types (sanguine, phlegmatic, choleric, and melancholy) it should be pointed out that no one is typically 100 percent of any type but actually a combination of all four.

Usually one or two traits are prominent with the others acting in a lesser role. Understanding which personality type you are, as well as those of others, may help you to work better as a graphic designer and with your colleagues.

college-classroom-frostedGraphic design schools and the real world
Standard college courses usually deal with theory and facts. But at a graphic design school you'll have hands-on creative sessions that can help you prepare for future career positions.

Graphic design colleges provide you with many opportunities to interact with your clients (teachers) and your coworkers (other students) which can be translated into the real world of graphic design.

You will experience the pressures of meeting deadlines and producing professional quality graphics.

To find out more about a career in graphic design, visit your local graphic design college or visit one online.

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