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How to Get Noticed When Applying for Graphic Design Jobs-Part II

open-doorTake the Open Door
In last week's article we presented various tips and advice on how to prepare for a job as a graphic designer.

There were three things that were identified as being important for qualifying for a graphic design job---education through a qualified graphic design school, a good portfolio of your work and a variety of work/intern job experience.

In part two of How to Get Noticed When Applying for Graphic Design Jobs, we'll go over some practical advice on how to handle a job interview.

Simple Rules for Your Job Interview
Hiring managers see many individuals for job interviews. After a time applicants start to all look the same. This is not a good thing if you are one of the many who are applying for that specific graphic design position.

Here are a few tips on how to stand out and prepare for your job interview:

* Do Something Memorable - Since there are a good number of people applying for the same position you are applying for, it is a good idea to do something that will make your interview memorable for the hiring manager. At the conclusion of your interview you can give the interviewer your business card or something that you designed, a pen or pencil with some graphics you created for the barrels for instance, as an attention getter.
* Groom Properly - This should be a given but not everyone takes this advice to heart. When you show up for a job interview be certain to dress properly. Each firm will have its own style or dress code but take the safe route and don't dress too informally. When in doubt, dress neatly.
* Be Prepared - In virtually every interview you will be asked the question, "Why do you want to work for this company?" The reason that you do not want to give is, "I need to find a job." What you can do is to emphasize what you can do for the company--how you would be an asset to the overall operation, how you can contribute, and what you want to accomplish while working there.
* Be Yourself - An old-school comedian once said, "If you can fake sincerity, you've got it made." Although the statement was made cynically, the truth of the matter is that being sincere and being yourself is better than trying to be overly confident or aggressive. Many job interviewers are highly tuned to the situation that job applicants often "embellish" upon their accomplishments. Be straightforward about your abilities and talent. If you have limited work experience emphasize what you have learned while going to graphic design college.
* Communicate Freely - Be sure to answer all questions in a thorough and concise manner. If there are periods of silence during the interview while you struggle to answer questions, this is a red flag to the interviewer that you may not be able to work in a team situation where lots of communication between co-workers is needed.

hourtglass-renderingNext Time
In the conclusion to this series we'll delve into what sort of mindset you should have while seeking employment such as how to handle discouragement and maintain a positive attitude. Until next time, take care.

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