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Graphic designer personalities: What type are you? - Part I

peguines-2The workplace zoo
Anyone who has worked as a graphic designer or in a job that requires creativity knows how difficult it can sometimes be when working under tight deadlines.

During these times you'll notice how certain individuals, and even yourself, react under pressure. It is during these occasions that personality traits, some negative and some positive, rise to the surface for all to see.

In What Type of Graphic Designer Are You? Part I we'll explore four personality categories. These can act as an informal knowledge base to help you understand yourself and others in the workplace better.
hippocratesIt's Greek to me
The Four Temperaments or Four Personality Groups (Phlegmatic, Choleric, Melancholy, and Sanguine) was developed by Hippocrates and Plato in their efforts to understand human nature and personalities.

According to the Four Temperaments scenario people's personalities are made up of a combination of the four basic traits-with one or two being the most prominent.

Variations of these original concepts have been updated by various psychologists and authors but at the heart of them all lay many of the ideas proposed by the two Greek luminaries of medicine and philosophy.

The Phlegmatic: slow and steady
Is there someone at your workplace that seems to remain cool and calm in spite of the world crashing down all around everyone? Does this individual seem to get along with just about anyone?

Do these people procrastinate on their projects while making witty and humorous remarks about the situation? Are these people sometimes stubborn and obstinate?

Does it seem as if these people are almost like Mr. Spock of Star Trek; they show very little variance of emotion or excitability?

If you answered yes to most of these questions you have just met the phlegmatic personality.

Here is a short list of the strengths and weaknesses of Mr. or Ms. Phlegmatic:

calm-lake* Low key personality
* Easy going
* Relaxed
* Patient
* Competent and steady
* Quiet and witty
* Sympathetic and kind
* Gets along with everyone
* Finds the easiest way to get the job done
* Likes routine; avoids change
* Indecisive
* Avoids leadership
* Self-doubt
* Avoids conflict
* Resents being pushed
* Procrastinates

Understanding what motivates Mr. or Ms. phlegmatic can help you to get along better with these reliable and sometimes obstinate people. They are the people that may work the best under pressure so be glad that they are there!

college-gradsGraphic design school and design principles
No matter what personality type you fall under, the need for a good education in graphic design is important in qualifying for various career opportunities.

Graphic design schools provide instruction in good design principles.

If you are thinking about branching out into other graphic design fields such as web design, animation, multimedia or other avenues, a qualified graphic design college can help.

Next time...
Our next personality is Mr. or Ms. Sanguine. You'll recognize these individuals by their affinity for telling stories and jokes, being the first one to say "Hi!" to everyone and their generally happy mood.

But they are also known for speaking before they think and being unproductive and emotional. Find out more next week about this coworker.

So until next time, keep on designing!

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