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Graphic Design Job Interview Tips and Tricks -- Part II

book-and-glassesJob Interviews and Good Books
Whenever you read a real "page-turner" it is very difficult to put the book down; you want to find out more about the characters, where the story is going, and how it ends.

In a way, a successful job interview is like reading a good novel---you are the "book" and the interviewer wants to know more about you (character), what your story is (experience), and how you may turn out in the end if hired by the company (job offer).

In part one of Graphic Design Job Interview Tips and Tricks we covered some strategies that may be of help at job interviews. We also displayed a few of the "trick" questions hiring managers ask in order to get an idea of a job candidate's real personality.

In this article we'll go over some of the hardest questions asked by hiring managers when selecting possible hires.

It's More than Knowing the Right Answers
It is important to understand that while correct answers may be given to the hiring manager, she is also closely tuning in on how well you handle yourself, how strong your communication skills are, and your ability to think quickly on your feet.

pitcher-and-batterThe Hardball Questions
In most job interviews you'll hear questions such as "What are your strengths and weaknesses?"; "What are your goals for the next five years?"; and the often asked, "What do you bring to our company?"

Accomplished hiring managers know that the reply to these questions can be easily answered though stock, memorized responses.

In order to gain more insight into a job candidate's personality, teamwork skills and job knowledge, questions must probe deeper.

The following are examples of some of the "hardball" questions you may encounter at your job interview so be prepared!

interviewee"Describe what you did when you knew your boss was wrong in a job project decision."
This question is asked to see how assertive you are and how you handle tricky circumstances at work---especially when it comes to working with your supervisor.

"Tell me about yourself."
Although simplistic on the surface, this question is loaded. It isn't really an informal question about what your hobbies are, where you came from or your likes and dislikes.

The interviewer wants to know what sort of worker you are, what drives you in your field of graphic design and what your professional background is. The question also serves to reveal your communication skills and general character.

You can use this opportunity to explain what your educational background is---which graphic design school or college you attended, what courses you took, and how well you did. Make sure to keep this part brief.

office-workers-talkingWhat is your biggest pet peeve about coworkers?
This question serves as a big stumbling block for some job applicants because they struggle to give the "correct" answer, but it is really asked to reveal something about their character.

Are you sincere and straightforward when asked direct questions like this or are you evasive in your answers in order to play it safe?

No one is perfect on the job and everyone has pet peeves about coworkers. When you answer this question you can be diplomatic and straightforward as long as it doesn't sound like complaining. A little humor can go a long way too---if you can pull it off.

Final Advice
One hiring manager related this rule of thumb when successfully selecting individuals for job positions at his company. He said:

"Genuineness is a top priority for me. If I feel they are trustworthy, that's half the battle."

And if we may add to this sage wisdom: get a good education from a graphic design college, design school or university for your career training too!

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